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Planning a Refurb? Some Questions to Get You Started.

What works? What doesn’t?

Think about the existing space. Speak to your people – everyone from guests to management to housekeeping. Make a list of wants and needs. Assess wear, upkeep and “cleanability”, and traffic patterns.

How much disruption can you tolerate?

New window dressings and soft furnishings may be a low impact way to refresh a space. Look into gradually staging installation.

What is your timeframe?

Limited time will limit your options but producers and suppliers have a good idea of what is manageable and can work with you. Even custom options can be available in very reasonable timeframes.

Think about what is important to your organization, what ideals you want to uphold and what image you want to project. Get inspired, be inspiring.

Corporate Trends: Structure from the Floor Up

We are seeing more and more companies opt for a campus design layout where shared space supports a more collaborative work process. Real estate is expensive and a visual delineation of areas are more efficient than physical. Amorphic and reconfigurable office layouts, with open plans and modular furniture provide multiple types of work and meeting spaces to meet a company’s needs.

Warm, inviting interiors that offer elevated acoustic dampening are an ideal counterpoint to a technology saturated workplace. Flooring has become a key solution for creating and defining spaces and as such is increasingly selected early in the design process. A huge range of colors, textures and material have both practical and aesthetic considerations, with custom options offering the possibility of a truly unique product.

Check out our In Stock Area Rug program where you can see rugs like in the photo above.

New products added to our Vinyl Collection 2017

Vinyl is an ideal choice for high traffic and collaborative spaces. If fire resistance, durability, water resistance and “cleanability” were not sufficient reason, our gorgeous new line in vinyl will have you considering this high-performance textile for your needs.

New Vinyl Collection 2017 Themes

This new vinyl collection 2017 brings together a variety of themes. We have listened to our customers’ requests and are excited to bring to you a variety of colors and patterns in a matte finish. Matte surfaces are both attractive and practical, holding up particularly well to wear.

For more exotic tastes, we present several new beautifully rendered hide patterns. Ostrich leather, pigskin and snakeskin are among the tasteful but striking options that will bring character to your space. Intricate embossings increase visual and tactile engagement on the small-scale while classic colors integrate well with broader design choices.

If you are looking to build a sense of warmth and comfort, consider an aged or distressed leather look. These can add a softer element to your space or a trendy, vintage touch. This quality vinyl provides all the customary appeal of aged leather without the necessary upkeep.

The collection is completed by pattern selections with the appearance of fabric that gives way to the surprising feel of cool, soft vinyl. A conflict between the senses, these finishes blend seamlessly into design themes with the additional performance characteristics.

Contact us now to enquire about any of these great choices and to see how we can contribute to your design and space.