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Custom Rugs for Hotels: How You Can Make Your Lobby More Inviting

There are a number of ways you can spruce up the interior of your hotel lobby in order to garner more foot traffic. One thing is for certain, custom rugs for hotels are one of the many things hotels can do to help make their property pop and to make it more inviting.

Here at PierPoint, we can craft a custom rug for you that is based on your design idea. Have an idea; we can help create a rug for you that is inviting, atmospheric and gorgeous.

At PierPoint, we have designed area rugs for hotels, commercial environments, interior designers, or restaurants. We have helped turn a design concept into reality.

Hotel Lobby Design is Key

The hotel lobby interior has been shown to make or break the sale of hotel rooms. You want your lobby to not only be warm and inviting but also modern and chic so you can attract more guests.

The hotel lobby has become the centerpiece of the hotel guest experience.

Homey Interior

custom rugs for hotelsHotels have tried to utilize the knowledge that lobby design is important for hotel sales to their advantage. Creating interiors that look homey and inviting, with warm colors, as well as using color trends, such as this year’s color ultraviolet, can help with the guest experience.

Creating custom rugs for hotels that looks homey could give your lobby the extra edge it needs.


Hotels are also realizing the importance of functionality, making their lobby multifunctional so guests can get more out of the shared space of a lobby. Some designs include cafes and stores, to suit the needs of guests.

If you are interested in creating custom rugs for hotels or restaurant, then contact a rep today or send us an email at info@pierpointusa.com.