Stunning Hotel Sheers: Why Your Business Needs Them

Here at PierPoint, we don’t just create beautiful custom area rugs for hotels, we also offer stunning hotel sheers. These sheers are of a numerous variety, from Diderot to Poe, our sheers are both lightweight and colorful. Many of our sheers are also named after literary idols, like Angelou, Twain, and Wilde.

What Are Sheers?

Sheers are not just a kind of drapery; a sheer is a type of fabric that is made of thin threads with a low density. This thin thread count and low density leads to a transparent-like quality.

This is why hotel sheers are very light fabrics. They are usually made up of particular materials that gives the sheers a more translucent appearance. We generally use polyester. These fabrics usually have an open weave.

What Hospitality Sheers Can Do for You

hotel sheersWe offer a wide array of stunning hotel sheers. Our sheers are diaphanous and will create the perfect atmosphere in your hotel room, lobby or hallway.

Sheers can add an elegance and softness to any room. Creating a luxurious atmosphere while combining those elements to make the room inviting for your guests.

These sheers will let in light, and also allow your guests to see out the window without having to remove the shades altogether while giving them the privacy of shades.  

Since trends are moving to a more biophilic design approach, natural lighting is something that looks to be infiltrating the industry. With the lightness of hotel sheers, you can rest-assured that rooms will be lit with the bright light of the outdoors, holding true to the biophilic design.

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