3 Ways To Wow Guests With Lobby Accessories

A hospitality lobby holds a great deal of weight on a guest’s first impression. Here’s how to wow your guests with unique lobby accessories.

When you walk into a building for the first time, what draws your attention? Do you look around at the structure of the place? The interior design? The cleanliness? All of these elements send different messages about the quality of an establishment. Your lobby’s appearance represents your brand’s professionalism and commitment to the consumer experience. This is why something like unique lobby accessories can speak volumes.

At PierPoint, we work with designers and buyers to custom manufacture products that leave a lasting impression. The lobby of a hotel or business is the first area you experience, which sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Creative, thoughtful lobby accessories can be the reason behind comfort and relatability. These three elements can assist in making that great first impression:

Consistent Color Scheme

When dreaming up your lobby’s look, choosing and committing to a color scheme is vital. An inconsistent multitude of colors can come off as confusing and unwelcoming to guests. You’ll want your guests to walk into the lobby and feel inspired by the aesthetic. Come up with a couple of neutral shades and accent colors to incorporate throughout. The impression is in the details, so find lobby accessories that fit the color scheme.

Statement Pieces

A statement piece is bold, unique, and most of the time, the focal design element. These pieces can range from wall art to area rugs. When creating and incorporating lobby accessories, the idea is to implement one-of-a-kind pieces that immediately catch your guest’s eye. Give them something to talk about while they’re checking in or waiting to be seen.

Product Placement

Lobby accessoriesOnce you have a color scheme and statement pieces, make sure you’re placing them in the most effective places. For instance, the three-tier baskets to the left wouldn’t do as well on the lobby counter as they’d do in the breakfast area. The execution portion of interior design might be one of the most important factors. Utilize your resources to ensure the best results and reactions.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us today. At PierPoint, we love to create show-stopping lobby accessories that turn heads and we’re always thrilled to collaborate on future projects!