PierPoint USA

Expressing Unique Character through Customizable Detail

There has been an ongoing shift in the hospitality industry towards creating authentic spaces that represent the core of a brand’s identity. This growing trend towards establishing individuality leaves brands and establishments looking for ways to express a unique identity while continuing to satisfy contemporary tastes.

This shift has led to the evolution of bespoke, personalized spaces that embrace the end user with the comfort of the sensation of a “home away from home” while providing an elevated experience. Textile trends continue to aim towards providing comfort and practicality. Subtle luxury blooms through the background of neutral tones as eye catching accents lend an edge to elegance.

Interior designers are increasingly detailing custom elements to inject precisely the right touch of uniqueness to a concept. Manufacturers are meeting this demand for customization with technological developments that bring an increasing variety of solutions at a range of price points, allowing for the customization and personalization of materials to suit the needs of the various sectors of the industry.

Digital printing offers an extraordinary level of detail and color integrity. Quality advancements of custom printed fabrics offer an increased level of creative control where patterns can be echoed across varying materials for various uses across single or multiple locations to achieve a visual cohesiveness. Precise color matching introduces options for brand color scheme representation.

Custom designed weaves and embroideries can be used for bold design choices in statement elements or as a subtle way of adding a touch of personalization to standard necessary furnishings. Minute details, such as the “embossing” of a logo or crest on linens add a richness of experience when used.

Character is found in what sets things apart. The quality of design is found in the details – or the details within the details.