PierPoint USA

Milan Design Week 2017 – Trend Against the Trend

By all accounts, a plush simplicity is still the predominant design aesthetic. However, there is a countertrend of a more maximalist philosophy to interiors that pays homage to world cultures through use of traditional color, pattern and weave. A stand out theme at the Milan Design Week in February this year, was the showcasing of vibrant, nearly discordant layers of texture and print in bright, warm colors in culturally themed displays.

Wall hangings and floors featuring ethnic motifs in traditionally favored shades and furniture upholstered in vintage prints and upcycled fabrics do not easily transfer or scale to most hospitality design layouts. These bold collaborations do however give designers license to branch out from the almost bland industry standard.

Boutique and luxury establishments have embraced this prerogative but we expect to be seeing more expressive, interesting design choices through all sectors. Custom design of rugs and fabrics is now cost effective and incredibly versatile. A unique textile that merges with your existing layout can quickly elevate the appeal of your space while still holding true to your brand. In complete redesigns, options are virtually unlimited with the variety of texture, colors and materials available.