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Uplifting Finishes – How Industry is Greening Two Ways

Color is the immediate focal point of current trends and this year Pantone has declared it to be Greenery, a fresh, zesty shade of green that recalls fresh herbs and spring foliage. The psychological impact of the color – at once invigorating and soothing – on its own makes it ideal for interior spaces but it also symbolizes a deeper cultural shift towards a renewed connection with nature and our responsibilities to it.

The shade Greenery doesn’t hold a monopoly however as the prominent use of varying shades of green and, indeed, actual greenery is immediately identifiable in hospitality spaces worldwide. Greens provide flexibility within a palette by performing both the duties of an accent and a neutral depending on the chosen pairings. This allows for more freedom with interim updates if necessary.

Hospitality décor is still trending towards an understated, contemporary elegance featuring a neutral backdrop for accent pieces and shades. Soft, organic tones reflecting natural materials such as slate, wood, sand, and marble are prominent in upholstery and draperies while dimension is contributed by texture, weave and draping. Floor covers display similar shades but contribute character (and practicality) through use of bolder patterns and color.

The influence of nature is not only aesthetic but is seen in the direction of industry innovation as an important part of brand identity which must now be built on sustainability.

Green is Green

Textile production is a high water use industry. Producers are developing and introducing textiles and production methods that significantly reduce water use and pollution both during and post production. Indoor air quality, is another aspect of concern and with green building certifications (such as USGBC’s LEED) on the rise in the hospitality infrastructure, there is a growing market and thus trend towards low VOC emitting materials and installation.

Clearly, the natural world is truly crossing into our built environment. It’s a trend to feel good about.