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Each design idea that you have, whether it’s for an area rug or an accessory, will be tufted or crafted to your exact¬†standards using a wide range of fabrics, materials, and products. We have an array of these materials you can pick from as well as a variety of products you can sort through.

Each design item will be created utilizing our fine-tuned skills and craftsmanship, using only the best-sourced materials, so your product always looks the best, feels the best, and is the best.  

Each of our products is capable of being customized, meaning you have an almost infinite number of preferences and possibilities. Your design is only limited by your imagination.

In addition to our PierPoint collection, we can develop custom designs and fabrics.

Each of these items are here to deliver the best quality product for you. That is our mission. That is our goal. That is PierPoint.

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