How Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry is Changing Hotel Design

Customization in the hotel and hospitality industry is changing how hotels are designed, particularly when it comes to preferences of guests. Customers within the industry are wanting a more personal touch, with emphasis on authenticity.

Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

With a new emphasis on authenticity in design, hotels and restaurants are opting into a more rustic approach to design, which is changing the hotel and hospitality industry substantially. No more looking for the cold atmosphere of the “pre-packaged” commodity, but a warmer authentic approach

Authenticity is more than just something that looks nice; it’s about something that was designed for that particular space. Whether you design a customizable area rug, custom fabric or a custom accessory for your space, you want to make sure that each piece’s purpose is not solely utilitarian, but also fixed within the nature of the design and aesthetic of its space and of the aesthetic of your guests.

What PierPoint Can Do For You

Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

At PierPoint, we are all about design, your design.  Our ability to customize area rugs, fabrics or a unique accessory allow you to make your area perfect and authentic for your project.

Have A Design Idea?

Why settle for boring when you can have a design based on your needs and desires.  Bring us your wildest ideas and PierPoint will work with you to make them happen.

If you are interested in authentic customization in the hotel and hospitality industry, then contact a rep today or send us an email at

The Benefits of Designing Your Own Custom Area Rugs for Hospitality

Here at PierPoint, we pride ourselves on being able to turn your dream into a reality when it comes to our custom area rugs for hospitality.

Here’s how we work. You come in with a vision, an idea, a design, a photograph of a favorite painting, or a statue of your favorite actor, and we help transform your concept into a reality.

At PierPoint, we work with purchasing companies, hotels or interior designers to turn a design vision into reality, creating the best final product that we can.

How it Works:

We offer custom area rugs for hospitality in any size, shape, and textures. It’s up to you and your preference.

You simply send us your custom textile design idea or rug idea, and we get to work with our skilled team to transform your idea or inspirational item into a rug or pattern.  

There are four steps to our process.

Step 1   

Contact your sales rep and provide your design idea details for the custom area rug that you would like.

For example, a client, The Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel, was inspired by the images of a manhole cover. They liked the design, so they came to us with pictures as inspiration.

custom area rugs for hospitality

Step 2

Within three working days, we will provide you a rendered pattern of what we will transform your idea into, as well as a quote of the price for the production of your creation. along with a detailed date of when your area rug “strike off” will arrive.

We then set to work and composite a rendering as to the details and descriptions our client wanted. In this case, the manhole cover. We created many renderings just to ensure that the client was happy. This is one of those renderings.

custom area rugs for hospitality

After client approval, we set to work completing a strike off.  

Step 3

You will receive a strike off within 10 to 15 days. This one you will be able to hold and look at. Feel the rug. See the colors and designs. This way, you have some final input. Then comes the best part.

custom area rugs for hospitality

Step 4

Once you approve and place your order, PierPoint will begin the production process and ship it out once completed in 30-45 days!

Here is the completed manhole cover area rug. Isn’t it beautifully elegant?

custom area rugs for hospitality

The benefits of designing your own custom area rug is that you get to be in the design process, and are there every step of the way, helping craft the best area rug for what you want and need it for.

If you are interested in creating your own custom area rugs for hospitality, then contact us. We can help you turn your idea into a reality, your concept into a functional, comfortable and beautiful rug for your next project or hotel lobby. Contact a rep today or shoot us an email at