3 Ways To Wow Guests With Lobby Accessories

A hospitality lobby holds a great deal of weight on a guest’s first impression. Here’s how to wow your guests with unique lobby accessories.

When you walk into a building for the first time, what draws your attention? Do you look around at the structure of the place? The interior design? The cleanliness? All of these elements send different messages about the quality of an establishment. Your lobby’s appearance represents your brand’s professionalism and commitment to the consumer experience. This is why something like unique lobby accessories can speak volumes.

At PierPoint, we work with designers and buyers to custom manufacture products that leave a lasting impression. The lobby of a hotel or business is the first area you experience, which sets the tone for the rest of the visit. Creative, thoughtful lobby accessories can be the reason behind comfort and relatability. These three elements can assist in making that great first impression:

Consistent Color Scheme

When dreaming up your lobby’s look, choosing and committing to a color scheme is vital. An inconsistent multitude of colors can come off as confusing and unwelcoming to guests. You’ll want your guests to walk into the lobby and feel inspired by the aesthetic. Come up with a couple of neutral shades and accent colors to incorporate throughout. The impression is in the details, so find lobby accessories that fit the color scheme.

Statement Pieces

A statement piece is bold, unique, and most of the time, the focal design element. These pieces can range from wall art to area rugs. When creating and incorporating lobby accessories, the idea is to implement one-of-a-kind pieces that immediately catch your guest’s eye. Give them something to talk about while they’re checking in or waiting to be seen.

Product Placement

Lobby accessoriesOnce you have a color scheme and statement pieces, make sure you’re placing them in the most effective places. For instance, the three-tier baskets to the left wouldn’t do as well on the lobby counter as they’d do in the breakfast area. The execution portion of interior design might be one of the most important factors. Utilize your resources to ensure the best results and reactions.


If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact us today. At PierPoint, we love to create show-stopping lobby accessories that turn heads and we’re always thrilled to collaborate on future projects!

What Our Hospitality Interior Design Products Can Do For Your Culture

It’s no secret that travelers choose where they stay based on the experience provided. Will your hospitality interior design live up to their standards, or will they look elsewhere?

As any professional in the hospitality industry, it is your sole mission to WOW your guests. Or, at least it should be. Your guests chose to visit your city, stay at your location and trust your judgment. If your customer service or hospitality interior design lacks in the slightest, there’s a good chance they’ll either try a competitor next time or leave your business a bad review. These are both crucial components that determine the culture you’re trying to portray.

Culture in this industry is a selling point. Because the competition is so high, it’s your culture and aesthetic that brings people back. Hospitality interior design makes an immediate statement about the level at which you understand your audience. Our hospitality interior design products can surely set you apart.

Leave A Lasting Impression

At Pierpoint, our products set the tone in every room they’re in. Imagine walking into a lobby with all white walls and all white accessories. It would probably feel cold and unwelcoming, right? The impact you want to make on your guests is just the opposite. Your hospitality interior design should be well thought out, unique and inviting. Every detail should have a purpose and every purpose should be with the guests in mind.

Hospitality Interior Design Provide your guests with color and consistency that’ll grab their attention. Trust us, you won’t forget a room with a custom moose head on the wall & maybe it’ll just be your guests’ favorite accessory. With an idea and our creativity, any design element is possible.

Provide A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Our products range from area rugs, pillows, carpets, accessories– all custom made to fit your culture exactly. We want you to be the designer that brings your vision to life. We have a variety of products and fabrics to choose from to make your customized vision and so no other business has the same experience.

It’s time you solidify the culture you’re trying to present and renovate accordingly. You’ll be surprised how much more business you get based solely on your hospitality interior design.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling! As a small business with a big vision, we’d be honored to partner with you to turn your hospitality interior design into an unforgettable experience.

How Millennials are Shifting the Dynamics of Hotel Accessories in the Hospitality Industry

Here’s why hotel accessories in the hospitality industry are essential in gaining new guests.

The hotel industry is constantly altering due to evolving trends. While change is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s vital to remain consistent with your brand and implement new concepts accordingly.   

The Changes in Demographics for the Hotel Industry

hotel accessoriesOver the past few years, there has been a dramatic shift in the hotel and hospitality consumer. This shift has been in part due to the new influx of the Millennial generation, who tend to put more of an emphasis on experiences rather than frugality.

Since Millennials now make up a good third of the tourism and travel population, it is imperative for hoteliers to meet their needs and expectations. Come 2020, Millenials will make up more than half the global population of travelers, putting all the more pressure on the hospitality industry to begin renovating now. The perspective of this industry must change to meet this influx of new consumers.

What this Generation Wants

Before Millennials, Generation X wanted something that was more about being “away from home” than “being at home.” This similar approach was practiced with Baby Boomers before the Gen Xers.

However, Millennials crave something different. They desire a more “home-like” appeal. Not only do they want the speed and urgency of the internet, but they also want an authentic approach to their hotel design and atmosphere. The desired connectivity includes wanting more integration with wifi, technology, and social media.

How Design Can Give the Authentic Touch for this New Generation

Hotel accessories in the hospitality industry will offer guests an authentic experience. The wants and needs of hotel guests can vary from bedding to the design of accessories. In order to ensure the highest quality experience, the hotel’s surrounding areas must be designed with warmth and comfort in mind. The design is an essential component of how customers interact with their environment. The more personalized the accessories, the more at-home a guest feels.

What We Offer

hotel accessoriesAt PierPoint, we offer unique accessories for all hoteliers. Do you have a vision in mind, but aren’t sure how or where to find it? We’d love to help you design your dream pieces.

Customization is our forte. Because we’re determined to give our clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Custom items can include:

  • Decorative hooks
  • Unique wall art
  • Resin Figures  
  • Area rugs


Give your guests an unforgettable experience with PierPoint accessories. We’re sure to make everyone feel at home.

If you are interested in hotel accessories, contact one of our reps today or shoot us an email at info@pierpointusa.com. We’d love to help you grow and transform your hotel with the trends!

How Customizable Hospitality Accessories Will Improve the Customer Experience

Here’s how customizable hospitality accessories will improve the hotel experience for your customer.

Customizable Hospitality AccessoriesAs a standard that’s practiced and preached in many industries, the customer is always right– no matter the scenario. Your guest’s happiness and comfort are of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry. When it comes to the design of a hotel, the features and interior should meet the needs of your visiting guests. Free wifi, comfortable sitting rooms, updated decor and a wide range of amenities all offer diverse features to make a guest’s stay more comfortable.

Millennials now make up over 50 percent of hotel guests, the hotel’s aesthetic must meet the needs of this minimalist generation. Past design trends, which consisted of less-personal styles, have now shifted the need to unique art and authentic-craftsmanship.

Customizable Hospitality Accessories

Handcrafted art, custom creations, and modern pieces are exactly the types of decor that stand out to hotel guests. The effort to fill each space with thoughtful accessories is what makes it worth your stay. PierPoint specializes in making spaces feel like home. Here at PierPoint, we design customizable hospitality accessories and customizable rugs for the hotel industry.

PierPoint is composed of veterans from the hotelier industry who have the experience to deliver custom-services. From area rugs to unique accessories, PierPoint custom designs with your vision in mind. We are a customer-focused organization dedicated to providing excellent products for all of our customers.

Customizable Hospitality AccessoriesOur hospitality accessories experiences don’t just stop in the hotel industry. From all around the world, we’ve strived to provide quality accessories for restaurants and other guest service needs. PierPoint knows the market and researches the trends to offer the best possible experiences. Are your accessories in need of an upgrade?

If you’re the maître d’hôtel and want to exceed the expectations of your guests, then contact PierPoint to purchase customizable hospitality accessories.