Technical Textiles – A look at recent innovations

With Techtextil Europe just over and the North American edition approaching later this month, having a look at recent innovations in high end technical textiles seems the thing to do. With just under 1500 exhibitors and over 45,000 visitors, the show is a significant event with participants from various segments of the industry. Technical Textiles … Continue reading “Technical Textiles – A look at recent innovations”

Classic Textured Materials – Playing with Textile Textures

While color and patterns offer a more conspicuous impact, the creative use of textures and classic textured materials can add beautifully subtle depth to a design. Despite powerful patterns being on trend, the use of predominantly mild, monochromatic color schemes is not likely to lose its place in a substantial proportion of the hospitality sector. … Continue reading “Classic Textured Materials – Playing with Textile Textures”

Weaving of Art and Technology

Textiles material choices are ever increasing while applications are only limited to our imaginations. Textile research is a growing field worldwide with developments emerging everywhere – from industry, studios and academic centers. A group of researchers at MIT has recently developed a material that reacts to temperature – expanding as it warms and contracting as … Continue reading “Weaving of Art and Technology”

Milan Design Week 2017 – Trend Against the Trend

By all accounts, a plush simplicity is still the predominant design aesthetic. However, there is a countertrend of a more maximalist philosophy to interiors that pays homage to world cultures through use of traditional color, pattern and weave. A stand out theme at the Milan Design Week in February this year, was the showcasing of … Continue reading “Milan Design Week 2017 – Trend Against the Trend”

Expressing Unique Character through Customizable Detail

There has been an ongoing shift in the hospitality industry towards creating authentic spaces that represent the core of a brand’s identity. This growing trend towards establishing individuality leaves brands and establishments looking for ways to express a unique identity while continuing to satisfy contemporary tastes. This shift has led to the evolution of bespoke, … Continue reading “Expressing Unique Character through Customizable Detail”

Uplifting Finishes – How Industry is Greening Two Ways

Color is the immediate focal point of current trends and this year Pantone has declared it to be Greenery, a fresh, zesty shade of green that recalls fresh herbs and spring foliage. The psychological impact of the color – at once invigorating and soothing – on its own makes it ideal for interior spaces but … Continue reading “Uplifting Finishes – How Industry is Greening Two Ways”