4 Reasons You Should Choose Pierpoint For Your Interior Design Accessories

The opportunities to create compelling interior design accessories are endless. But, one must resist the easy way of just picking something from the web that is not proven to be contract-worthy.

Interior design holds more weight in an atmosphere than many realize. Design elements could be the sole reason a room feels the way it does. This is why it’s important to be strategic when brainstorming interior design accessories that are right for a commercial setting.

At PierPoint, our sole mission is to bring innovation to the hospitality industry by transforming ideas from concept to reality. Here are four reasons we should be your go-to source for manufacturing:

1. The Service Provided

As a boutique company, we made it a point from the very beginning to be available to our clients, designers, buyers, and partners. We have representatives across the globe to answer any calls and questions regarding our business and what we produce. We are molded by a set of core values that are shared by each and every associate.  

2. Our Speed To Market

When you design or buy interior design accessories from us, you’re working with a market-focused, process-centered organization. Over the years, we’ve developed trusted partnerships overseas that are held to a high standard. Our network of factories are located throughout China, India, Turkey, and the U.S.

3. Quality Materials Used

Quality is our most valued characteristic. In everything we create, we utilize quality products and quality machinery to deliver quality interior design accessories. We have a wide array of materials available to transform any concept into a reality. From area rugs to pillows and throws and wall decor, we offer designers free-range to customize accessories how they envision them.

4. Craftsmanship Like No Other

Interior Design AccessoriesPierpoint is unique in the sense that we manufacture products that are specifically designed for a particular space. We work with designers and buyers to bring a new dynamic of craftsmanship to the hospitality industry. From concept to craftsmanship, all of our interior design accessories are one-of-a-kind.

If you’re interested in working together, contact us today. We’d love to get started on your new and exciting project.

Your Design Expertise + Our Service = A Hospitality Design Dream Team

At PierPoint, we collaborate with creatives from all over to provide our clients with one-of-a-kind hospitality design. The process is fun, but the final results make it worthwhile.

Some may not realize how much planning, visualizing, and executing goes into hospitality design elements. But at PierPoint, we experience it firsthand. As a hospitality supplier, we collaborate with designers from diverse backgrounds to create products that leave a lasting impact. We pride ourselves in our unique approach that reflects different personalities and brings new perspectives to the development table.

When you design with PierPoint, you’re designing one-of-a-kind products that are created with purpose and intent. You’re bringing visions to life. You’re setting the tone for hospitality design. You’re creating a space that speaks louder than words. Our business is based solely on collaboration and execution. Here’s the formula:

Creative Direction

Hospitality Design

At PierPoint, our overall purpose is supplying custom products to the hospitality industry. In order to manufacture these custom products, we rely heavily on designers to concept an idea for us to bring to life. The customizable products we work with range from textiles, vinyl, area rugs, and accessories.

If you have an idea for an area rug or a modern accessory, we’re your people. We are always looking for new designers to collaborate with to ensure we’re delivering fresh, high-quality hospitality design elements.

Industry Partnerships

PierPoint is a Boutique family-owned business in Orlando, Florida, with offices in Shanghai, China, and Cebu, Philippines. Our team is comprised of industry veterans at every level. Our factories are located in China, Turkey, India and the US. Because of the industry partnerships we have established, PierPoint has become a trusted source for hospitality design.

We use our long-time manufacturing relationships to develop quality, unique, custom products efficiently and effectively. The service we provide both our designers and customers is unmatched. Our everyday mission is to work with innovative people to create unique products that leave a lasting impact. We are a market-focused, process-centered organization that delivers unforgettable results.

If you’re a designer that’s looking to get creative, contact us today. The PierPoint team would love to work with you on your next hospitality design project!

What Our Hospitality Interior Design Products Can Do For Your Culture

It’s no secret that travelers choose where they stay based on the experience provided. Will your hospitality interior design live up to their standards, or will they look elsewhere?

As any professional in the hospitality industry, it is your sole mission to WOW your guests. Or, at least it should be. Your guests chose to visit your city, stay at your location and trust your judgment. If your customer service or hospitality interior design lacks in the slightest, there’s a good chance they’ll either try a competitor next time or leave your business a bad review. These are both crucial components that determine the culture you’re trying to portray.

Culture in this industry is a selling point. Because the competition is so high, it’s your culture and aesthetic that brings people back. Hospitality interior design makes an immediate statement about the level at which you understand your audience. Our hospitality interior design products can surely set you apart.

Leave A Lasting Impression

At Pierpoint, our products set the tone in every room they’re in. Imagine walking into a lobby with all white walls and all white accessories. It would probably feel cold and unwelcoming, right? The impact you want to make on your guests is just the opposite. Your hospitality interior design should be well thought out, unique and inviting. Every detail should have a purpose and every purpose should be with the guests in mind.

Hospitality Interior Design Provide your guests with color and consistency that’ll grab their attention. Trust us, you won’t forget a room with a custom moose head on the wall & maybe it’ll just be your guests’ favorite accessory. With an idea and our creativity, any design element is possible.

Provide A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

Our products range from area rugs, pillows, carpets, accessories– all custom made to fit your culture exactly. We want you to be the designer that brings your vision to life. We have a variety of products and fabrics to choose from to make your customized vision and so no other business has the same experience.

It’s time you solidify the culture you’re trying to present and renovate accordingly. You’ll be surprised how much more business you get based solely on your hospitality interior design.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling! As a small business with a big vision, we’d be honored to partner with you to turn your hospitality interior design into an unforgettable experience.