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The Color Trends for 2020

As we approach the last two months of 2019, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2020 (if you haven’t started already!). A hot topic in the design industry as the new year quickly approaches is always, “What are the color trends going to be?”

In the past, we saw neutral tones dominate and then we saw bright colors dominate. In 2020, we will be seeing both. Based on the colors of Milan Design Week, these are the colors that we will be seeing in 2020 along with some PierPoint examples of each color.


Fitting into the neutral tones for 2020 is “Champagne.” This color is a great base for all other colors predicted to be trends in the upcoming year.

Our example:

Lemon Yellow

Sprucing up the color wheel for 2020 is “Lemon Yellow.” Whether you use this color for a pillow or for an entire couch, it will light up your space and ensure that it stands out.

Our example:

Pumpkin Red

A combination of neutral and vibrant, “Pumpkin Red” has a comfortable aura to it. It could remind your guests of the changing seasons of your city or be combined with wood tones to create a den-like room. 

Our example:


It is rare that we see Fuscia in hotel color schemes; however, like Lemon Yellow, it is a statement color that your guests will remember. It is excellent for lighting up a room.

Our example:

Sky Blue

While blues are often used in many color schemes, 2020 is the year for “Sky Blue.” Lighter than other blues, it creates an airy and calming feel for your guests.

Our example:

Olive Green

After seeing this shade take over the fashion industry, it was no surprise that this color made its way to hotel design. Olive Green can be combined with other earthy tones to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Our example:

Burnt Orange

Similar to Pumpkin Red, Burnt Orange falls into the Autumn colors, thus creating a comfortable atmosphere for your guests. If your city is notorious for the changing leaves as the seasons change, Burnt Orange is a great way to showcase it through your design.

Our example:


Light Purple

Similar to the Sky Blue, Light Purple is an airy color that can bring a calming aura to the room. It can be combined with other airy colors, such as white and light grey.

Our example:

Many colors that we see for 2020 are comfortable and calming while a few are bright and exciting. This goes to show that the goal of hotel design is meant to be noticed. We are straying away from neutral tones and incorporating real colors.

Feeling inspired? Click any of the textile images above to inquire about incorporating them into your design!