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4 Hotel Interior Design Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Hotel Interior Design

The hospitality industry is always evolving to provide a bigger, better consumer experience and consumers are expecting the most. If you don’t adapt to meet the hotel interior design expectations that have been set, you could lose business. 

Here are four design trends worth implementing:

1. Mixing Elements 

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more hybrids of design that have become a norm in the hospitality industry. From mixing industrial elements with patterns, there’s an apparent shift in the market that implies anything goes– as long as it goes well. 

Hotel Interior DesignMost boutique hotels have made the move toward a more modern, minimalistic experience that seems to be a fan favorite. 

2. Implementing Nature 

You’ve likely seen ivy-covered walls and plants hanging from the ceiling. A key hotel interior design trend includes the combination of plants and earthy materials to portray an inviting, peaceful environment. 

The use of refurbished wood and other natural elements have a genuine raw beauty to them that make guests feel comfortable. And when guests feel comfortable, the chances of them returning to the space that makes them feel that way are likely.

3. Showcasing Authenticity 

Nowadays, consumers are longing for an experience, and hoteliers are looking to provide a sense of community. The only way to accomplish the two is by ensuring the quality of the guest experience is so unique and authentic that they won’t choose to go elsewhere. 

By implementing one-of-a-kind accessories and quirky boutique elements, you’re guaranteeing an experience they won’t get anywhere else. Great customer service and five-star accommodations are still key factors, but authenticity holds weight.

4. Providing A Home Away From Home 

The most important trend we’ve seen has to be the replication of residential elements in hotel interior design. When consumers travel often, they crave an experience that reminds them of home. 

This can include useful products, like phone charging stations and refrigerators, or strategic design elements that make for a homey environment. Either way, you’re making an out-of-home experience that much more special. 

If you’re looking to evolve with the trends and spice up your hotel interior design, we can help you customize one-of-a-kind products to help your business stand apart. Contact us today to get started on your new project!