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How Millennials Are Influencing Hotel Design

It is no secret that the Millennials are influencing the way that hotels are creating their spaces. They are the up-and-coming travelers, so it is vital for hotels to appeal to their wants and needs.

So, how do designers know how to make these spaces appeal to these generations? The simple answer: Instagram.

With a mere scroll through Instagram, designers and hoteliers can see what type of aesthetic is catching the eyes of the top Instagram influencers. One of the common themes that we see in the Millennial generation is the want for an immersive experience. Millennials view traveling as a way to develop their identity, and they develop this identity by interacting with the local culture. When hotels incorporate the local culture into the public spaces, millennials connect with the space and the hotel itself even more.

Bring in the Locals

One of the ways that hotels are incorporating the local culture into the hotel is by bringing the local people to the hotel. One of our projects, the JW Marriott in Austin, TX, has the Burger Bar and the Edge Rooftop Bar, which encourages the locals to come to the hotel and enjoy food, drinks, and views of the city.

JW Marriott Burger Bar - Millennials

Source: The Burger Bar | JW Marriott, Austin, TX

Bring in the City

Another way hotels are incorporating the local culture is by capturing the local aesthetic of the city in which they are located. One of our other projects, The Tennessean Hotel in Knoxville, TN, utilizes the Tennessee River within the design of the hotel. Each floor is named after rivers within Tennessee and the headboards of the beds within the rooms are actual river maps. Through combining Southern hospitality with a luxury hotel experience, Millennials can truly immerse themselves into the Tennessee culture at this hotel.

The Tennessean - Millennials


Bring in Instagram

A few other notable ways to draw millennials into a hotel’s public space is through creating an “Instagrammable Space.” Through the incorporation of accessories, textiles and rugs, you can create a corner that draws in your guests and encourages them to post. After all, Influencer Marketing is the new wave of advertising. Going beyond hotels, the café Sketch located in London, UK, is one of the most “Instagrammed” cafés in London. They utilize vibrant colors and bright accessories in one of their afternoon tea spaces. By doing so, Sketch London puts a modern twist on a traditional pastime, which is exactly what Millennials want.

Sketch London - Millennials

Source: Sketch London

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