How Customizable Hospitality Accessories Will Improve the Customer Experience

Here’s how customizable hospitality accessories will improve the hotel experience for your customer.

Customizable Hospitality AccessoriesAs a standard that’s practiced and preached in many industries, the customer is always right– no matter the scenario. Your guest’s happiness and comfort are of the utmost importance in the hospitality industry. When it comes to the design of a hotel, the features and interior should meet the needs of your visiting guests. Free wifi, comfortable sitting rooms, updated decor and a wide range of amenities all offer diverse features to make a guest’s stay more comfortable.

Millennials now make up over 50 percent of hotel guests, the hotel’s aesthetic must meet the needs of this minimalist generation. Past design trends, which consisted of less-personal styles, have now shifted the need to unique art and authentic-craftsmanship.

Customizable Hospitality Accessories

Handcrafted art, custom creations, and modern pieces are exactly the types of decor that stand out to hotel guests. The effort to fill each space with thoughtful accessories is what makes it worth your stay. PierPoint specializes in making spaces feel like home. Here at PierPoint, we design customizable hospitality accessories and customizable rugs for the hotel industry.

PierPoint is composed of veterans from the hotelier industry who have the experience to deliver custom-services. From area rugs to unique accessories, PierPoint custom designs with your vision in mind. We are a customer-focused organization dedicated to providing excellent products for all of our customers.

Customizable Hospitality AccessoriesOur hospitality accessories experiences don’t just stop in the hotel industry. From all around the world, we’ve strived to provide quality accessories for restaurants and other guest service needs. PierPoint knows the market and researches the trends to offer the best possible experiences. Are your accessories in need of an upgrade?

If you’re the maître d’hôtel and want to exceed the expectations of your guests, then contact PierPoint to purchase customizable hospitality accessories.

How To Create A Unique Hotel Lobby Design

Hotel lobby design has been changing over the course of the last few years, as the average tourist and hotel customer has shifted from the Baby Boomer to the Gen Xer to the most current generation, Millennials. The prepackaged hotel lobby design of the Baby Boomer generation and the Gen Xers have now shifted to the hand-tufted touch of authentic-craftsmanship-needs of the Millennial.

Because of this change (Millennials now make up well over 50 percent of the hotel guests), the design of the hotel lobby has to follow suit to what this particular generation expects.  

Hotel Lobby Design: The Social Space

The hotel lobby is becoming the social space for both work and for play (like Starbucks before). The lobby is now transforming into a more communal space that can be occupied by more people for socializing and food serving. Since the lobby will have more foot traffic, this would require the use of a more durable material to prevent wear and tear for both area rugs and surfaces such as for tables and chairs.


Hotel Lobby Design

Such durable material that can be used in some cases is vinyl. Here at PierPoint, our vinyls have been tested to meet 200,000 to 500,000 Wyzenbeek Rubs, which is a test to see the durability of fabric. Anything above 30,000 double rubs is highly durable. This means that we offer goods that are well above the industry standards.  

We also offer a wide array of vinyl that comes in a variety of colors, patterns and textures.

What This Means for You

At PierPoint, we assist you in making sure that your design for those unique spaces are not only durable but comfortable. Our vinyls give you that option. Some look and feel like fabrics while others may make you wonder if they are leather.

If you are interested in hotel lobby design, then contact us today or send us an email at

How Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry is Changing Hotel Design

Customization in the hotel and hospitality industry is changing how hotels are designed, particularly when it comes to preferences of guests. Customers within the industry are wanting a more personal touch, with emphasis on authenticity.

Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

With a new emphasis on authenticity in design, hotels and restaurants are opting into a more rustic approach to design, which is changing the hotel and hospitality industry substantially. No more looking for the cold atmosphere of the “pre-packaged” commodity, but a warmer authentic approach

Authenticity is more than just something that looks nice; it’s about something that was designed for that particular space. Whether you design a customizable area rug, custom fabric or a custom accessory for your space, you want to make sure that each piece’s purpose is not solely utilitarian, but also fixed within the nature of the design and aesthetic of its space and of the aesthetic of your guests.

What PierPoint Can Do For You

Customization in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

At PierPoint, we are all about design, your design.  Our ability to customize area rugs, fabrics or a unique accessory allow you to make your area perfect and authentic for your project.

Have A Design Idea?

Why settle for boring when you can have a design based on your needs and desires.  Bring us your wildest ideas and PierPoint will work with you to make them happen.

If you are interested in authentic customization in the hotel and hospitality industry, then contact a rep today or send us an email at

Why a Customized Hospitality Area Rug Can Help the Customer Experience

When it comes to your hotel, one of the last things on your mind may be the importance of a customized area rug in your lobby. But this should not be your final thought; it should be your first. Area rugs offer a great way to segment spaces in a large area or to make certain areas a little more intimate, all without needing walls.

The hotel experience has changed drastically over the last couple of years. The hotel lobby has moved beyond just an area to simply check-in; spaces have evolved to be more of a great room for socializing and gatherings.

We are seeing the F&B merge into this area to further enhance the guest experience.

The Consumer

The consumer has changed over the years. Before, consumers wanted a more escapist approach when it came to their travel; but with the resurgence of a new generation—the Millennials—experiences are what the consumer is looking for.

 Customized Hospitality Area Rug

Millennials make up a good one-third of the tourist and traveling population, which means catering to the needs of this new generation is a priority that hoteliers cannot miss out on.

Customized Hospitality Area Rug

Here at PierPoint, we offer customized hospitality area rugs. All you need to do is give us a design concept idea, colors desired and your dimensions. We will then design it for you. It is that easy.

Once your design is set, our skilled team will then go to work to transform your idea into the ideal area rug.

If you are interested in a customized hospitality area rug, then contact a rep today or send us an email at

Stunning Hotel Sheers: Why Your Business Needs Them

Here at PierPoint, we don’t just create beautiful custom area rugs for hotels, we also offer stunning hotel sheers. These sheers are of a numerous variety, from Diderot to Poe, our sheers are both lightweight and colorful. Many of our sheers are also named after literary idols, like Angelou, Twain, and Wilde.

What Are Sheers?

Sheers are not just a kind of drapery; a sheer is a type of fabric that is made of thin threads with a low density. This thin thread count and low density leads to a transparent-like quality.

This is why hotel sheers are very light fabrics. They are usually made up of particular materials that gives the sheers a more translucent appearance. We generally use polyester. These fabrics usually have an open weave.

What Hospitality Sheers Can Do for You

hotel sheersWe offer a wide array of stunning hotel sheers. Our sheers are diaphanous and will create the perfect atmosphere in your hotel room, lobby or hallway.

Sheers can add an elegance and softness to any room. Creating a luxurious atmosphere while combining those elements to make the room inviting for your guests.

These sheers will let in light, and also allow your guests to see out the window without having to remove the shades altogether while giving them the privacy of shades.  

Since trends are moving to a more biophilic design approach, natural lighting is something that looks to be infiltrating the industry. With the lightness of hotel sheers, you can rest-assured that rooms will be lit with the bright light of the outdoors, holding true to the biophilic design.

If you are interested in our hospitality sheers, hospitality vinyl or custom area rugs for hospitality, then contact a rep today or send us an email at

Custom Rugs for Hotels: How You Can Make Your Lobby More Inviting

There are a number of ways you can spruce up the interior of your hotel lobby in order to garner more foot traffic. One thing is for certain, custom rugs for hotels are one of the many things hotels can do to help make their property pop and to make it more inviting.

Here at PierPoint, we can craft a custom rug for you that is based on your design idea. Have an idea; we can help create a rug for you that is inviting, atmospheric and gorgeous.

At PierPoint, we have designed area rugs for hotels, commercial environments, interior designers, or restaurants. We have helped turn a design concept into reality.

Hotel Lobby Design is Key

The hotel lobby interior has been shown to make or break the sale of hotel rooms. You want your lobby to not only be warm and inviting but also modern and chic so you can attract more guests.

The hotel lobby has become the centerpiece of the hotel guest experience.

Homey Interior

custom rugs for hotelsHotels have tried to utilize the knowledge that lobby design is important for hotel sales to their advantage. Creating interiors that look homey and inviting, with warm colors, as well as using color trends, such as this year’s color ultraviolet, can help with the guest experience.

Creating custom rugs for hotels that looks homey could give your lobby the extra edge it needs.


Hotels are also realizing the importance of functionality, making their lobby multifunctional so guests can get more out of the shared space of a lobby. Some designs include cafes and stores, to suit the needs of guests.

If you are interested in creating custom rugs for hotels or restaurant, then contact a rep today or send us an email at

The Versatility of Hospitality Vinyl

Do you need a textile that is both appealing and durable? Something that looks nice in all its forms and also can hold up to the wear and tear of your hotel, and it’s many demands? Then look no further than hospitality vinyl.

Vinyl is a versatile and durable material that can easily outlast even the strongest of fabrics.

What Can Vinyl Be Used For?

Hospitality vinyl is a great choice for areas where there is a lot of potential for wear and tear, such as hotels.

Vinyl can be used for upholstery, headboards, sofas, desk chairs, benches, dining chairs and much much more. That’s what makes vinyl so great. It’s a versatile long lasting textile that can be used to beautify a hotel lobby or restaurant foyer.

What is Vinyl?

Hospitality Vinyl

Vinyl is a form of textile that sometimes can look and feel like leather. Since it is comprised of plastics, it is resistant to both moisture and humidity.

Here at PierPoint, we have two different kinds of material that we use to produce our hospitality vinyl. We have PU and PVC vinyl.

Polyurethane (PU) looks and feels like leather, without having been made from an animal. It also moves and wrinkles like leather, when tufted or folded.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a resilient plastic that is made from PVC resin.

PU is usually softer than PVC and feels more like leather than PVC. PVC, on the other hand, is affected by temperature more. The higher the temperature the softer PVC is; where the inverse is true. PVC does not feel like leather as much as PU does.

Hospitality Vinyl

However, technologies have improved quality. PU used to feel much more like leather than PVC, and PVC used to be much more durable than PU, but now PU is more durable than it previously was, and PVC feels more like leather than it used to.

Each of our products has been graded at 200,000 to 500,000 double rubs. A double rub is a test to see the strength of the fabric by strapping it into a machine that essentially rubs the product, testing its durability. Anything above 30,000 double rubs has a high durability, even for the hospitality industry.

Our Collection

Our vinyl collection comes in many colors. We offer a wide range of fabrics and designs with matte finishes, such as pigskin leather, ostrich, and snakeskin.

If you are interested in our hospitality vinyl fabrics or area rugs, then contact a rep today or shoot us an email at

The Benefits of Designing Your Own Custom Area Rugs for Hospitality

Here at PierPoint, we pride ourselves on being able to turn your dream into a reality when it comes to our custom area rugs for hospitality.

Here’s how we work. You come in with a vision, an idea, a design, a photograph of a favorite painting, or a statue of your favorite actor, and we help transform your concept into a reality.

At PierPoint, we work with purchasing companies, hotels or interior designers to turn a design vision into reality, creating the best final product that we can.

How it Works:

We offer custom area rugs for hospitality in any size, shape, and textures. It’s up to you and your preference.

You simply send us your custom textile design idea or rug idea, and we get to work with our skilled team to transform your idea or inspirational item into a rug or pattern.  

There are four steps to our process.

Step 1   

Contact your sales rep and provide your design idea details for the custom area rug that you would like.

For example, a client, The Renaissance Chicago O’Hare Suites Hotel, was inspired by the images of a manhole cover. They liked the design, so they came to us with pictures as inspiration.

custom area rugs for hospitality

Step 2

Within three working days, we will provide you a rendered pattern of what we will transform your idea into, as well as a quote of the price for the production of your creation. along with a detailed date of when your area rug “strike off” will arrive.

We then set to work and composite a rendering as to the details and descriptions our client wanted. In this case, the manhole cover. We created many renderings just to ensure that the client was happy. This is one of those renderings.

custom area rugs for hospitality

After client approval, we set to work completing a strike off.  

Step 3

You will receive a strike off within 10 to 15 days. This one you will be able to hold and look at. Feel the rug. See the colors and designs. This way, you have some final input. Then comes the best part.

custom area rugs for hospitality

Step 4

Once you approve and place your order, PierPoint will begin the production process and ship it out once completed in 30-45 days!

Here is the completed manhole cover area rug. Isn’t it beautifully elegant?

custom area rugs for hospitality

The benefits of designing your own custom area rug is that you get to be in the design process, and are there every step of the way, helping craft the best area rug for what you want and need it for.

If you are interested in creating your own custom area rugs for hospitality, then contact us. We can help you turn your idea into a reality, your concept into a functional, comfortable and beautiful rug for your next project or hotel lobby. Contact a rep today or shoot us an email at

Shifting Expectations as Health and Wellness Enter the Forefront

Social and environmental responsibility can do more for a brand than ever before, and the next big arena of competition seems to center on wellness. Properties are outgrowing the typical facilities-based model of spas and fitness centers, moving towards a more holistic approach.

The arrival of new hotel brands, crossing over from the fitness industry into hospitality, suggests this will be an interesting trend to follow!

Design will continue to focus on how space can be both beautiful and practical but innovation will change our expectations and perceptions. Several major players have been rolling out rooms designed for wellness with designated fitness spaces, equipment, tech linens, and fine-tuned light and sound control.

Demands on surface material performance will increase as use becomes more vigorous and cleanability concerns arise. Upholstery, carpeting and linens for some areas will all need to be reconsidered for characteristics such as wear resistance, porosity, microbial resistance, and slip resistance.

Not an unusual piece to find in a room, a bench or similar can be covered in a beautiful, high performance vinyl to blend seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of the room while still providing full functionality as a piece of workout equipment that can hold up to abrasion, sweat, weight, and sanitization.

Speak with one of our representatives about how we can help you meet your new needs.

Planning a Refurb? Some Questions to Get You Started.

What works? What doesn’t?

Think about the existing space. Speak to your people – everyone from guests to management to housekeeping. Make a list of wants and needs. Assess wear, upkeep and “cleanability”, and traffic patterns.

How much disruption can you tolerate?

New window dressings and soft furnishings may be a low impact way to refresh a space. Look into gradually staging installation.

What is your timeframe?

Limited time will limit your options but producers and suppliers have a good idea of what is manageable and can work with you. Even custom options can be available in very reasonable timeframes.

Think about what is important to your organization, what ideals you want to uphold and what image you want to project. Get inspired, be inspiring.